The Forum Rules! (Read first!)

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The Forum Rules! (Read first!)

Post  Snake Doctor on Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:47 pm

The Forum Rules

Please review the rules before posting, thanks.

  • Don't ask to be a mod. This will only ensure that you WILL NEVER be a mod. EVER.

  • Don't post stupid random crap outside of the appropriate forum for that stuff.

  • Do not post about warez, hacking, or any other illegal activity. Users who do this will be banned IMMEDIATELY.

  • Limit yourself to 8 emoticons.

  • Do not post p0rn, or otherwise NSFW photos, or links to such content. Yes, this INCLUDES "phone sex" type posts. Expect harsh consequences.

  • Keep language under control. Occasional expletives will be overlooked, but habitual vulgar or obscene language will be dealt with.

  • Post Count Whoring: just don't do it. Any instances of it will be deleted, and we might delete some of your other posts just to spite you. Twisted Evil

  • Respect the moderators and administrators. Failure to do so could make your life difficult.

The admins

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